Flash cookies, also known as Local Shared Objects (LSOs), are a type of Internet cookie utilized by Adobe Flash. Any web site utilizing the Adobe Flash engine is saving flash cookies on your visit. For the majority of users, these flash cookies store information similar to how other sites use just basic cookies to do the same thing. BetterPrivacy for Firefox allows you to manage these types of cookies which are usually ignored by software like CCleaner.

How to use BetterPrivacy

Head to BetterPrivacy’s add-on page at Mozilla.org

Click “Add to Firefox.”
A pop-up will alert you to only install trusted add-ons, click “Install” to continue.

A few seconds later, Firefox will prompt you to restart to finish installation of BetterPrivacy.

Restart Firefox.
Now, click “Firefox” to open its drop down menu.
Click “Add-ons.”
Then, click “Options” next to BetterPrivacy.

This will open BetterPrivacy for Firefox.

The LSO Manager tab will show you all the active Flash cookies on your computer at the given time.

In some cases, these Flash cookies are necessary for certain things to work. On my computer, I use Skype religiously, and it’s integrated into my browsers, hence the Skype Flash cookie being present.

BetterPrivacy will automatically select the directory on your computer where the Flash cookies are stored. However, if you’ve ever changed that, you may need to change it in BetterPrivacy, too.

Any Flash cookie you don’t want to delete from Firefox, you can add to your Protection List by clicking“Edit protection list.”

From there, you’ll add it to the list and when BetterPrivacy cleans up your Flash cookies, it’ll remain intact.

You can manually remove Flash cookies from here at any time by clicking on one, then clicking“Remove LSO” or clicking “Remove All LSOs.”

When you close Firefox, BetterPrivacy will also clear your Flash cookies for you.

Click the “Options & Help” tab.

BetterPrivacy works out of the install just fine for most users. There are some options to work with that depends on how you want it to work for you.

Adding LSO item to Firefox’s Clear History options can help if you regularly clean up your browser this way. You can also let BetterPrivacy delete these cookies at startup as opposed to shutdown.

Are Flash cookies a threat to you?

Flash cookies are often ignored or not even known to users. It isn’t until you find a reason to delete a Flash cookie do people even begin to wonder what they are. If you’ve never cleaned them until now, it’s possible you may have hundreds – if not thousands – of them on your computer. Flash cookies are just one more way to keep dibs on you when you surf the net. BetterPrivacy is a way to get rid of them once and for all, every time you browse.