I've been using Carnival Internet [Doze] since 2017 and my experience with them has been abysmal. The cost is too much and most of the time my download speed doesn't even reach the amount I paid for.

But the biggest issue is that randomly Steam, Origin, Uplay and any launcher just stops loading. I've lost count of the amount of times I called them for fixing steam and origin, let alone other issues like random disconnections and stability issues.

I'm considering switching ISP if possible. My requirements are very simple:

1. Stuff like Origin, steam and any launcher should just work.
2. At least 2 MB/s [16 Mbps] download speed on decent and affordable price.
3. Less random disconnections.
4. Sites like mediafire should load at least.
5. 1080p 60 fps on youtube and 720p 60fps on twitchtv would be nice too.
6. Good ping on games.

I'm not expecting a perfect connection, but it has to be decent. If half of the time I'm busy calling customer service instead of using internet, then it's not feasable for me at all. I simply don't have much free time to spare like before.