This week marked the release of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2, a title we've been looking forward to around these parts. If Cameron Lewis' on-the-money review hasn't persuaded you to go get a copy, Ubisoft's insistence on capping future first-person shooter releases could leave it your only option for the time being.

While the company denigrated the money-making capacity of the genre, it quietly bought the Tom Clancy name. Don't worry too much though, as former PC-only development house id Software has pledge to start shifting its focus to consoles. Doom 4, anyone?

Few game announcements over the last seven days, although EA did make The Sims 3 official. Pegged for release sometime in 2009 (read: holidays), the third installment of the insanely popular series is expected to launch on PC first. No news of console and handheld releases, but it's safe to assume they're coming at some point.

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime teased big game announcements during July's E3 Media Summit, as reported early in the week. Among the titles rumored to be in the works for Wii is an official sequel to NES classic Kid Icarus. Of course, many gamers hoping to play any Nintendo games this fall could be out of luck given a projection by retailer GameStop that Wii shortages could last another six months.

For all of Nintendo's success, it isn't bringing in the Booty like Midway. The beleaguered publisher has promoted Matt Booty to interim CEO following the resignation of David Zucker. Over 300 million dollars of losses since Zucker first took control of Midway in 2004 likely has something to do with the corporate switcheroo. Apparently, Midway didn't like Cruisin' together with Zucker.