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Thread: Lg Prada 3.0 or better?

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    Cool Lg Prada 3.0 or better?

    Hey guys

    Im willing to buy a phone and my budget is 20k (max)... I was going through some adds until i stumbled across (luckily) a very rare phone... I was eyeing it for over a year and finally saw this beauty in someone's possession >_<
    LG Prada 3.0 :3
    the specs r quiet gud and highly suites my expectations
    its slim, sexy and the back is made of siffaino leather...
    Other than this, my target was The Xperia P....
    Now i m in a dilema... The Prada os very slim with specs that is similar to Galaxy S2 and in benchmarks (some) it seems to exceed expectations and overcome the s2 and even htc one x and i-4s :O
    wat im worried about is the gpu... It runs on a dual core cortex-a9 cpu but a power (smthn) gpu...
    Whereas Xperia P runs on a adreno 205.... Another gud side of the prada is its amazing video quality.. It can shoot videos @1080p and lg has a removable battery \m/

    Wat i expect from my device:
    1. I am a casual reader so i will b using pdf's... For my college? Yeah q papers and answers
    2. I use The wifi 24/7... Im always on facebook, twitter and viber :3 (never wanna miss a moment with my loved ones :3)
    3. I dont intend on playing games much... Maybe some casual ones wen im reaaaaaaaally bored...
    4. I watch a lot of tv series on cell phone as i hate being waited over a commercial >_<
    5. 1gb ram is a MUST as i multitask and use the phone for a longer period of time...
    6. Screen size is preferred 4.3" max and i wud lik the phone to be slim and gud looking Not chubby and over weight -__-
    7. screw ppi... Wait no... 213+ shud do just fine :/ i guess

    Ahhhh... So thats preety much it....
    Plzz help me out and suggest me which to get in terms of hardware and software... Kindly provide me with pro's and cons if possible... Ur help is truely appreciated before hand B|

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    Chokh bondho kore Prada 3.0. Alada class. SGS2 oneeek aei use kore, but ja bollam Prada r class e alada. And I'm not sure how powerful is PowerVR SGX540 but good enough for normal use and should be better than adreno 205. This is the gpu used in most recent netbooks.
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      • F%##ING TERRIBLE. i game on a hp g62 lappy
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    first of all,xperia p doesn't have a adreno 205 but a mali400p wich is a bit less powerful than the one in gs2 but still good.and it can also record fullhd too,stop putting wrong info.performancewise the prada3 and xperia p are the same.only disadvantage the xperia got is the limited storage.

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