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Thread: Quake Live - Free Browser Based 3D Online FPS Multiplayer Game

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    Default Quake Live - Free Browser Based 3D Online FPS Multiplayer Game

    Popular game title Quake is now available online as a free ad-supported browser based game, Developed by ID Software Quake Live will work with Firefox and IE on Windows for now with support for Mac and Linux planned in future, Quake Live will feature full 3D graphics having over 25 maps and 4 game modes during the BETA.

    To play, users are required to get registered and install a small add-on, the online version of the popular franchise is pulling huge crowd attracting over 110,000 player accounts in first 6 hours of launch, due to heavy demand a queue system is now in-place to let everyone enjoy the game.

    ~:: Play ::~

    -:: Trailer ::-
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