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Thread: CEVO News

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    Default CEVO News


    CSS news:
    CEVO has CS and CSS. They have 4 divisions. Cevo is playing their Season 10 of CS, and Season 7 of CSS.

    CEVO-Free, CEVO-Open, CEVO-Main, CEVO-Professional.


    '94 Knicks
    (14th. 0-15-0)
    They currently have an unfinished roster, so are not in competition.

    (7th. 9-6-0)
    They also have an unfinished roster, still playing, but losing a lot.
    Very sad new, coz they have the legend Ksharp, along with Volcano.

    Backlash (
    12th. 4-11-0)
    They are currently 12 with a 4-11-0 record.

    compLexity LA (
    15th. 0-15-0)
    They are also out of action, due to most players switching to CS.
    Horrible news, coz they are my personal fav team.

    Cyber Revolution
    (4th. 13-6-0)
    Are doing rather well, under the captaincy of Chewbacca.
    Devastation (10th. 7-8-0)
    Doing as always, winning some losing some.

    Dynamic (8th. 9-6-0)

    Playing much better than last season.

    eMazing Gaming (13th. 6-9-0)

    After coming back in CSS, they are doing not as good as the days.
    FD`zomblerz (6th. 11-6-0)
    Decent track record as always.

    (5th. 11-6-0)
    A very good team, who have been promoted from CEVO-F from 2007 to CEVO-M in 2008, and now in CEVO-P in 2009.

    (11th. 4-11-0)
    Once the best team with awesome players, now dissapointing.
    Jax Money Crew (2nd. 15-3-0)
    Better known as Dallas Venom. No surprises in ranking. Always 2nd. =\\.
    KEYBOARD SMASHERS (3rd. 13-5-0)
    Champions of the Alienware Winter Frag Fest. Just promoted from CEVO-M.

    Masternooks Warriors of Doom (1st. 15-4-0)

    With many players from Carolina Core, they are a team to look out for.

    San Francisco Optx
    (16th. 0-15-0)
    Inactive roster following the closing of CGS, they lost players to other teams. And clowN is banned for cheating in the Alienware Frag Fest.

    x3o (9th. 8-7-0)

    With players like DirtySecreT they should do better. =\\.

    For all standings:

    I'll post CS tomorrow.

    CEVO has reverted to MR15.

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    Australian-I feel for ya bro gaming on a piece of crap you should be twice as good at any game you play. Thats really really a scary thought. Part of me does not want you to get a new rig.

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