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Thread: BanglaGamer Forum Leaders

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    Arrow BanglaGamer Forum Leaders

    Here is the list of current forum leaders. This is for the notification of all members of our forums.

    User Name        Forums
    abir                BanglaFIFA
    CHR.M4NTIS        Command & Conquer, Hardware & Software
    CvP                DotA, Unreal Tournament, BG DotA Tourneys, BG UT Tourneys, UpRising [UR]
    GG.AIM            Warcraft III, BG Warcraft Tourneys
    Legendary_Hero    Unreal Tournament, BG UT Tourneys
    Mad Monk        Open Topic Discussion [moderated]
    Mr.Dynamics        DotA, BG DotA Tourneys, BG DotA Tourneys
    Noob™            BanglaGamer Shop, FPGA
    solid snake        General Console Gaming, BanglaFIFA, Mirpur Gaming Club (MGC)
    TE.DevilRFT        Counter Strike
    TE.SenSeiFAR        BG CS Tourneys, Competitive Counter Strike
    xk::v (G®immjaw)    BanglaSPEED, Programming & Design, Team Ξv0LuT10n
    ZEUS            Counter Strike, Trash, BG CS Tourneys
    |DRZ|GalibZ        General PC Gaming
    BG Admins/Directors   
        Mad Monk    
        xk::v (G®immjaw)    
    BG Officials     
        solid snake    
    Super Moderators   

    Quote Originally Posted by CvP
    If anyone want to be a moderator of any section,
    just drop me a pm stating why you should be
    given the responsibility.

    Also we would appreciate any help about
    site development/design etc.
    Do contact if you are interested.

    Last edited by CvP; March 1st, 2009 at 02:28.

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    Default Re: BanglaGamer Forum Leaders

    We have new moderators and PD is PD again...
    Click here to find out how a noob plays the Anti Mage

    Honesty and Modesty were the best policy...they still are.
    A single stupid man can ask more questions than a thousand wise men can answer
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