When is the best time to sell your group for FIFA 19 TOTS? In spite of the fact that the TOTS occasion isn't normal until the following couple of weeks, it is insightful to sell your cards at the earliest opportunity. Since particularly through the Youtube publicity the market crash starts presently crawling before the occasion.
What is the Youtube publicity? FIFA streamers and youtubers are continually writing about the TOTS showcase crash and encouraging them to sell the cards. When these recordings are on the web, costs go down. Here, particularly the British Youtuber, with their long range, have a genuine effect.
Because of these recordings, a great part of the fanbase sells their players and holds repurchasing. Accordingly, the theft does not come all of a sudden to the arrival of the TOTS occasion, however it is gradually beginning.

Players You Should Sell and Buy For FIFA 19 TOTS
Not all players ought to be sold, you should keep these players:
- Gold cards that are as important as their commencement cost, under 1000 fifa 19 ut coins, will scarcely sink. In this way you can keep these.
- High-evaluated players who are scarcely played and get the opportunity to get a TOTS card are probably not going to lose esteem.

These players ought to be yours:
- Popular high-appraised cards like Reus and De Bruyne.
- Or famous card in the lower 80s territory.
- 83 and 84 are hardest to anticipate. Here ordinarily SBCs decide the cost.

This is the manner by which the market carried on in FUT 18
Precedent Ronaldo: The ordinary gold card by Cristiano Ronaldo indicates very well how the costs in the TOTS advertise crash can fall. Toward the finish of the TOTS occasion he was just about a deal.
- Multi week before the TOTS occasion: 1,000,000 coins (PS4)
- At the beginning of the TOTS occasion: 950,000 coins (PS4)
- 2 weeks in the occasion: 730,000 coins (PS4)
- At the finish of the occasion: 305,000 coins (PS4)

In the event that your FUT resources are essential to you and you need to have enough FIFA 19 coins for SBCs and TOTS cards, at that point sell soon and purchase less expensive sometime in the future. In any case, in the event that you have no desire to have a costly group and you are playing for the sake of entertainment, at that point you can securely disregard the TOTS crash. More FIFA 19 TOTS related information you can peruse this article: https://www.fifacoin.com/contents-fi...e-week-32.html

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