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Thread: DSLR Camera Buying Help

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    Default DSLR Camera Buying Help

    I am planning to buy a DSLR camera. Can you guys suggest which shop in Dhaka sells camera and accessories at reasonable price and also offer after sales service (repair, warranty etc).

    Also the model I am looking at is nikon d3400 with lens. ( I am an absolute beginner and only want to do nature/landscape photography.) If anyone has any suggestion for other model within this price range or want to sell their used camera please inform.

    Thank you.

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    google and youtube should be your best friend for deciding which camera to buy, bashundhara city has a lot of shops, some are big, on ground floor like camera world, etc. ... and on 6th floor also I think, learn how dslr works, aperture, shutter speed, iso - these 3 basic things you must know, google "camera simulator" to see how these 3 changes the outcome ... also consider mirrorless cameras - same sensor size like dslr but without mirror, therefore more compact and those are best in quality!!! downside of mirrorless - more expensive body and lens. for performance benchmark check website - . for landscape photography you will need wide lens like 10-20mm lens in order to capture more area, I prefer auto focus prime lens (can't zoom). hope these information will help.

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