Can someone tell me whether one will be able to notice the difference in performance by upgrading to Samsung 960/960 M.2 Nvme drive from 860 Evo-Sata?

I googled it, however I get confused seeing the result as the benchmarks are mostly stress test. I would prefer to know from someone who used both Nvme and Sata SSD and share the experience. M.2 drives are still expensive 250 GB version costs around 12k (970 - 11.7k 960 - 12.5k) whereas I can get another 500 GB drive at 15k. My PC config is I5 - 8600K, Gigabyte Z370 Mobo with 16 gb 3000 bus ram and GTX 1070 ti.

P.s I am also confused regarding 960 and 970, though 970 is latest edition; it priced lower in Binary Logic.