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Thread: Sony’s secret dominant strategy

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    Question Sony’s secret dominant strategy

    There has been so much news recently about Sonys victory in the Blu Ray VS HD DVD war. In case you arent aware, HD DVD is now dead and if you own an HD DVD player you now need to go purchase a Blu Ray Player in order to continue watching the new movies.
    Every professional analyst has made their prediction about how Sony plans on dominating the living room. But now i’m going to make my own ananlysis. Because they will now have the resources, I believe they need to do the following:
    1. Lock in 3rd party game exclusives to boost PS3 sales
    Everyone says that game exclusives from 3rd party game developers are dead. While I agree, I wouldn’t say they are officially gone just yet. Sony now has more resources to lock in timed exclusives at the most. I suggest starting it now. They have already planned 100 more titles for the Playstation 3. They need to get as many first persons shooter to be timed exclusive as possible. It will boost more Playstation 3’s into peoples living room.
    Since more people will be getting an HDTV this year and definitely next year during Februrary, Sony will already have millions of Playstation 3’s in peoples living room. Consumers usually tend to stay in brand with electronics they buy for their living room. If Sony can get this done then more people will more than likely buy a Sony Bravia HDTV to match their Playstation 3.
    Collaboration between divisions: Sony Electronics and Sony Computer Entertainment
    2. Beat the competition to market first with OLED
    Sony bought the worlds first OLED Television to the CES of 2008. It was the most hot product there. It was reported yesterday that they have already invested in $202.3 million into Oled. If they can get production up fast enough and bring sizable TVs that are good for viewing in a bedroom or living room, they have a better chance of winning market share in OLED TVs. The trick is, you have to get their first. Remember Apple beat Sony to the digital media player and now Apple is pretty much unstoppable. The name “Ipod” is too powerful.
    3. Get a new movie franchise
    Sony makes darn good movies. (Superbad, Spiderman, First Sunday) but they need a new franchise besides just Spiderman to keep their profits high. They should think of something that is good to make a sequel too. If they made a Spiderman 4 I probably wouldnt go see it in theatres. I’d probably rent on Blu Ray Disc when it came out.
    4. Make Playstation Home the ultimate media spot
    “Home” is Sonys answer to Xbox live. It was supposed to be released in October of 2007 but got delayed until Spring of 2008. Besides just making home the hang out spot for users and a trophy palace, they need to make home a video and music download spot. Microsoft has done video with Xbox Live and it is very neat. Give them the option of owning the movie instead of just renting it. If your aiming to make the Playstation the ultimate media device, then that’s what you need. Get your movie and music division to upload their music. (Make the music DRM Free so it can play on your Walkmans and PSP. We dont want ATRAC again) Everybody loves Beyonce and Justin Timberlake and all that other good music you guys give us. Consumers dont want just trailers. They will have a better experience actually walking through home browsing movies instead of just reading all kinds of text as they do on Xbox Live. Also if Sony can get Paramount, Warner Bros, Universal Studios, and 20th Century Fox to upload their movies to Homes movie database, they will easily beat out Xbox Live in movie content. Remember there has been no news of Sony Pictures putting any of their movies on Xbox Live.
    Collaboration: Sony Pictures, Sony Computer Entertainment, Sony BMG
    So there you have it. My analysis should be the ultimate goal that Sony needs to achieve.” I think this makes sense. If they arent going to do this, then what will they do? these should be their top 4 goals. 4 divisions (Electronics, Movies, Gaming, Music)? 4 goals

    Rumor: Xbox 360 with Blu Ray Drive
    20. February 2008XboxChris0 comments
    Word on the internet says Microsoft is working on another 360 with a Blu Ray Drive player in it. Maybe they should call it The Xbox 360 Blu. Microsoft still wont comment. If this turns out to be true then Microsoft will have have to pay Sony $20 dollars per Blu Ray drive. The royalty cost will come down sooner. This might annoy fanboys because now Microsoft will have to pay the company that all 360 fanboys hate (Sony)a royalty payment. Rumor also says that it will make an external drive too. It should be available sometime in May.
    It shouldn’t really be a surprise since Microsoft also wants to dominiate the living room. If this rumor turns out to be true then Microsoft will have the dominant media box in the living room. I dont own a Xbox 360 and the majority of my friends dont either so i’m not sure if they play protected wma files or not. Leave your comment expressing your opinons.
    Playstation 3 outsells Xbox 360
    15. February 2008UncategorizedChris0 comments
    According to NPD figures, the Playstation 3 outsold the Xbox 360 this month. This is the first month that it had done so. It looks like this will be the year for Sonys beautiful Piano black piece of hardware to finally show off its potential. NPD’s numbers are listed below:
    1. Nintendo Wii - 274,000 units
    2. Sony PlayStation 3 - 269,000 units
    3. Nintendo DS - 251,000 units
    4. Sony PlayStation Portable - 230,000 units
    5. Microsoft Xbox 360 - 230,000 units
    Oops i’m sorry. Is that Xbox 360 in last place? I wonder how is feeling. We wont see this article on their site. (Sorry the fanboyism of me came out)
    I have compiled a list of why this will be the best year for Sony.
    1. Blu Ray looks to be the winner with Best Buy and Walmart going exclusive
    2. Huge royalty payments for Blu Ray go to Sony which means they will now have resources to lock in exclusive games from 3rd party support
    3. Home is being released
    4. Metal Gear Solid 4
    5. All divisions are operating well
    6. More people will buy HDTVS this year because in 2009 analog signals will be cut off.
    7. Bigger game library base
    Microsoft did say that they were below because of manufacturing problems.

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    # even before HD DVD was dead, MS said they will suffer in '08 Q1 due too high volume of sales in last Q resulting supply shortage.

    # It was rumored that MS is in talks with Sony for BD in XBox360. whether the rumor (in talks with Sony) is true or not, none knows. but MS directly said they are not in talks with Sony for BD in XBox360.
    what MS CEO said once that they will support Blu-Ray. This does not mean they will support it in Xbox360 or things like that.
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