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Thread: Human Mini-Guide: The Militia

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    Default Human Mini-Guide: The Militia

    Copied From Other Source :

    Human Mini-Guide to

    By Kama

    "The workers of the Human Alliance can be converted into Militia when the need arises. You can transform Peasants individually by clicking on the Call to Arms icon on each Peasant's command card or convert them en masse by ringing the Call to Arms bell at your Town Hall. Peasants will then rally to the Town Hall, where they don armor and wield axes to fight invaders. After a set amount of time, Militia will revert back to Peasants, or you can prematurely end their military tenure at the Town Hall with the Back to Work bell." -Blizzard

    As you can see whoever wrote that was an idiot, "when the need arises" should be: "pretty much whenever anything goes wrong or you want to do anything, ever."

    How Not To Use Militia
    1: A mistake a lot of new players make is using "Call to Arms" on their town hall. Don't do that. Never take peasants off gold unless its absolutely necessary.
    2: Chasing stuff half-way across the map. If the enemy exits what is clearly your "base area," get your militia back to work.
    3: You are chronically low on wood/have less then 7 peasants lumbering.
    4: Teamkilling RT allies. Yes it's hilarious, but don't do that. (Note: 4v4 rt players don't count as "allies" this rule doesn't apply to them!)

    Seriously I couldn't think of any other situation where throwing in a few militia wouldn't help.

    How To Use Militia
    1: Stopping hero harass early game. Seriously 3 - 5 militia > any hero harass, even Imbamaster.
    2: Stopping rushes. Militia > Ghoul. Militia > Archer. Militia = Footman. Militia < Grunt. (But you have 2 Militia to every grunt, so really...)
    3: Creeping nearby creep camps faster.
    4: Creeping expansions faster.
    5: Fighting battles near your base.
    6: Teleporting with to your allies base to fight.
    7: Pushing/Rushing/Towering your enemies base.
    8: Harassing early game. (More on this later!)

    General Stuff You Should Know
    1: Always make 8 - 12 lumber Peasants a game.
    2: Always have at least 5 Peasants hotkeyed 2 early game for fast Militia.
    3: Whenever creeping orange camps near your base (half the map away is close enough!) bring Militia.
    4: Even if they are basically useless against your enemies army, use them anyways (in a base fight).
    5: You aren't using Militia enough.

    Militia Harass
    Only works early/mid game on CLOSE spawn on certain maps. (Tidewater Glades, Turtle Rock etc.) On maps where it is possible for your enemy to spawn right beside you always scout as soon as the game starts. IF they do and are UD/NE/Orc its basically a free win. When your scout arrives and they are close send your militia after its (the enemies) food production building. Then when militia is almost done send him back, at the same time send over 3 militia to target is food production buildings.

    This is where it gets funny, if he hasn't left by now he has no food no units and no heroes. Rush him with Archmage, Footmen and some more Militia for good measure. Then tower his base, just to be a real jerk. This obviously doesn't work against good Humans (they also have Militia). SO as you can see on maps like this vs UD/NE/Orc its basically a free win.

    I hope you learned something reading this short guide, now go play.

    Militia: Fighting back against the tide of imbalance.

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    Default Re: Human Mini-Guide: The Militia

    nice. i had 2 learn the "General Stuff" the hard way.

    i'd like 2 add 1 more point on the "harass" part. i've seen this in a replay. take a couple of militias 2 NE base so it looks like a TR. NE needs 2 make AoW 2 counter towers. so when NE starts an AoW take militias back. NE loses some resources even if it cancels AoW.
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