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    well u all knw dan empowering haste increases damage of sb by percentage of question is...should u go 4 Bot...or just pt??well i go 4 pt 4 da increase in +10 strength[also 10 damage] wich is rely helpful 4 tower dives, AS n definitely da increased ms..n aftr dat i go 4 SnY....but i m rely confused abt BoT...coz it gives ms[increases d damage of sb] n u can go ahead n tell abt sb da way u wana say..

    Xtremely sory mistake i posted da threan in sentinel heroes which actually shud hv been in da scourge heroes section..since i dnt knw if its poss 2 move threads...i m just a sitting duck.hope u guiz comment on just the contents
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    should go for a few bracer + PT.
    then BKB and SnY..and IF the game is
    still going on, get a Heart + Asslt.
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