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Thread: NVIDIA Announces Volta Family For Beyond 2014

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    Default NVIDIA Announces Volta Family For Beyond 2014

    NVIDIA has publically updated their roadmap with the announcement of the GPU family that will follow 2014’s Maxwell family. That new family is Volta, named after Alessandro Volta, the physicist credited with the invention of the battery.
    At this point we know very little about Volta other than a name and one of its marque features, but with how NVIDIA operates that’s consistent with how they’ve done things before. NVIDIA has for the last couple of years operated on an N+2 schedule for their public GPU roadmap, so with the launch of Kepler behind them we had been expecting a formal announcement of what was to follow Maxwell.
    In any case, Volta’s marque feature will be stacked DRAM, which sees DRAM placed very close to the GPU by placing it on the same package, and connected to the GPU using through-silicon vias (TSVs). Having high bandwidth, on-package RAM is not new technology, but it is still relatively exotic. In the GPU world the most notable shipping product using it would be the PS Vita, which has 128MB of RAM in a wide-IO (but not TSV) manner. Meanwhile NVIDIA competitor Intel will be using a form of embedded DRAM for their highest-performance GT3e iGPU for their forthcoming Haswell generation CPUs.

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    Nvidia is going mainstream with Android graphics as well as PC. Thinking what am thinking anybody? I guess they are more eager for full pockets than AMD.

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