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Thread: how to use fraps to capture video

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    Default how to use fraps to capture video

    how to capture video:

    use fraps to capture vdo. Look for fraps here:

    Use windows movie maker to reduce size and save the movie file in wmv format. Then u can upload in places like youtube.

    how to use fraps:

    Start fraps. Then run fifa. Now F12 will toggle fps (frames per second -indicates performance of the game in your PC) display position, F10 will take screenshot & F9 will capture vdo. They'll be saved in fraps directory.

    Pressing F9 toggles radar in fifa so you might want to change video capture hotkey to F1 or something.

    fraps r video capture hotkey F1 set kore rakho. tahole F1 press korle panel o disappear hobe, capture o start hobe.

    how to use movie maker to edit video:

    if you are using winXP sp2 or better, then start windows movie maker from start > all programs.

    drag the movie in WMM or open from 'file>import into collection'. then right click on the imported clip and 'add to timeline'. at this time you can do some editing like change play speed, add sound, add effects etc. then 'file>save movie file' using a suitable setting.

    faq: the clip doesn't play in windows media player?

    well you need the codec.

    download and install the limited legal version of fraps from the fraps website. the codec should be installed now and wmp will play the fraps clip. u may uninstall the limited version if u want to continue using the full version.

    youtube video embed instruction:
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