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Thread: About FPGA

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    Default About FPGA

    FPGA stands for 'Fifa Players & Gamers Association'
    and as you can see we are an exclusive FIFA clan

    The members of FPGA are:

    BUET 02 batch: Shamim vai (CSE), Amin vai (EE), Murtaza vai (ME), Rana vai (ME), Iqbal vai (EE)
    BUET 03 batch: Anonnyo (EE), Raihan (EE), Nirjhor (ME), Salman (EE)
    (departments mentioned in parentheses)

    ever since one fine day when we discovered that there are fifa-freaks like shamim vai and others in sher-e-bangla hall of buet, we have been regularly playing there week in and week out.. then FIFA07 and now 08. we used to play in Cyber( )'s room too.. but too bad his pc doesn't support 08 nemore. neways he's got saitek's new release P3200 gamepad now, and hope he'll join the ranks of FPGA too, soon.

    One common thing about FPGA in my opinion is, none of us play or take FIFA as a game only. all of us follow european and international football regularly. and it reflects in our game too.


    WCG06 FIFA06 runner up: Anonnyo
    WCG07 FIFA07 quarter-finalist: Shamim vai

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    As i promised in my first post, i am going start a new era in this forum.I am always going to rasie my voice agins all EVILs and misinformation. I dont care about the source of information(even that humble moderator) i will always keep u in light about the right and wrong. i am sorry that a wrong information is given by my frnd(!) salman about FPGA. I am going to discover the real story behind it. wait for may next post.

    FPGAs should not be confused with the flip-chip pin grid array, a form of integrated circuit packaging and also not with 'Fifa Players & Gamers Association' it is FIELD PROGRAMMABLE GATE ARRAY

    An Altera Stratix II GX FPGA.

    A field-programmable gate array is a semiconductor device containing programmable logic components called "logic blocks", and programmable interconnects. Logic blocks can be programmed to perform the function of basic logic gates such as AND, and XOR, or more complex combinational functions such as decoders or mathematical functions. In most FPGAs, the logic blocks also include memory elements, which may be simple flip-flops or more complete blocks of memory.

    A hierarchy of programmable interconnects allows logic blocks to be interconnected as needed by the system designer, somewhat like a one-chip programmable breadboard. Logic blocks and interconnects can be programmed by the customer or designer, after the FPGA is manufactured, to implement any logical function—hence the name "field-programmable".

    FPGAs are usually slower than their application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) counterparts, cannot handle as complex a design, and draw more power (for any given semiconductor process). But their advantages include a shorter time to market, ability to re-program in the field to fix bugs, and lower non-recurring engineering costs. Vendors can sell cheaper, less flexible versions of their FPGAs which cannot be modified after the design is committed. The designs are developed on regular FPGAs and then migrated into a fixed version that more resembles an ASIC.

    "Complex Programmable Logic Device" (CPLDs) are an alternative for simpler designs. They also retain their programming over powerdowns.

    To configure ("program") an FPGA or CPLD you specify how you want the chip to work with a logic circuit diagram or a source code using a hardware description language (HDL). The HDL form might be easier to work with when handling large structures because it's possible to just specify them numerically rather than having to draw every piece by hand. On other hand schematic entry might allow for more tight specification of what you want.

    Going from schematic/HDL source files to actual configuration: The source files are fed to a software suite from the FPGA/CPLD vendor that through different steps will produce a file. This file is then transferred to the FPGA/CPLD via a serial interface (JTAG) interface or to external memory device like an EEPROM.

    if u guys are still more interested about FPGA u can visit
    and if u want to know more never hesitate to contact personally with the very BIG MICROWAVE GUY

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    looks like Mr.BMW is a damn nerd with all nerdish link he posted........U know gamers r not u....and its not d place where u parked ur car.....u parked ur car in ur nerdish links and be with it.Practice ur evil-hunting excercise with all maths n physics...wrong place n wrong person.
    Arsenal's play is from another planet !!!

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    Default certain probability of probability of being zero probability!!

    first i like to yes i belive Arsenal's play is from another planet !!!and that is why not suitable for champions league on this earth.

    yes nerd as u said, there is certain probability of being nerd even there is certain probability of probability of being zero probability!!so nothing is predictable. and if u know me u will know that u can never predict about the very BIG MICROWAVE guy. so think about u and try to know thyself and never try to go to another planet[u know why??] but if u feel sorry for u, never mind, the very BIG MICROWAVE guy will alwyas beside u if u need to come to the earth. better luck next time.

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    hey bmw u rocks.

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