Afro Samurai is a stylish game that should be enjoyed by any beat-em-up fan and especially any fans of the Anime. With that said this one is definitely a rental - I have lingering doubts that this title will last in any but the most hardcore Afro fans library.

The combat is the star of the show and it doesn't disappoint. There are lots of slick looking combos to unleash on the various enemies in the game and slicing them into tiny efficient cubes never gets old. Pulling off some of the longer (and more spectacular) combos can be quite difficult because you'll often be swarmed by enemies and one hit is all it takes to break your combo chain. Afro starts the game with some impressive moves and the combo list only gets deeper as you go on. There is nothing more satisfying than pulling off a tough combo for an extremely bloody finish and then taking it even further over the top by focus slicing an enemy completely in half.

The music and visuals in Afro Samurai are also quite good. The A-list voice acting is superb which helps keep you engaged throughout. This is a mature title with plenty of swearing and sexual content and there is no question that it is not for minors. It's a good thing that the music is also excellent because there aren't many tracks and you'll hear the same music over and over throughout the game. Graphically, Afro Samurai is a looker and the characters and landscape all look great.

Unfortunately, the camera almost manages to kill this game completely. It is one of the 'dumbest' camera's experienced in a 3rd person game quite a while - it requires constant babysitting and is a major detractor from the overall experience. You could virtually be surrounded by enemies and would never know it until someone blunders onto your screen or worse, smacks you upside the head. Most painful is the fact that the camera is at its worst during the boss fights which makes them harder but for all the wrong reasons. Still, you CAN compensate for the camera with liberal use of the block button while you pan around to find your next target.

The performance of Afro Samurai on the PS3 hardware is very disappointing. There are plenty of split screen sequences which slow the action down to a chug which can mess with your combo timing and can detract from the great combat. Even the animations in the combo list are laggy as well as the rest of the menus. This is a game that almost demands silky smooth gameplay to go along with the devastating combat and Afro Samurai fails to deliver here.

I really wanted to love this game - the Afro Samurai property is extremely cool, the combat is way over the top and bloody - but the camera and frame rate issues seriously hinder the experience.

i give it 7.0.