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[GUIDE UPDATED 1/30/2009] - Very easy method posted.

This is a tutorial on how to boot Playstation 2 ISO's on the PS3 via external HDD. The original founder of this method was ifcaro, this tutorial is a step-by-step method on how to get PS2 ISO's to run on your PS3. Original thread can be viewed here. PS3Hax takes no responsibility of damage caused to your PS3 through this method, and all information here is for informational/educational purposes only. This tutorial isalmost identical to the NTSC/JAP systems you can read that guide here.

How to play PS2 ISO's on PS3 via USBAdvance (for PAL SYSTEMS ONLY)

What you need:

  • Swap Magic 3.6+/3.8(Purchase here or here) (Must be actual copy, burned copies do NOT work).
  • Launch PS3 PAL PS2 (60gb units)
  • Flash Drive (PSP in USB MODE will also work).

  1. Download the USBAdvance Tutorial File Pack [PAL].
  2. Extract the contents of the folder USBADVANCE to the root of your flash drive.
  3. Place the Playstation 2 ISO's of your choice to your external HDD/flash drive. You need to have them properly formmated and copied over via USBUtil(is included in file you downloaded above). If you are not sure how to do this, there is a quick tutorial that guides you through the process. Make sure your USB/Flash drive is plugged into your PS3.
  4. Boot up SWAPMAGIC and once loaded into the menu screen, people who are using swapmagic v3.6 press UP (on D-Pad)+L2 on your PS3 controller to browse through your flash drive. People that are using Swapmagic v3.8 go to the SMBOOT menu and select uLaunch from there. In the pack provided uLaunch is SMBOOT1. Go to configure, select any button you want (I usually use X or O), go to MISC and select FILEBROWSER binding it to the selected button, go down and hit ok. Now go to the browser. (Props to Crono for telling us how to use v3.8 Swapmagic). If you are unable to view your flash drive, then it is not compatible (use another one).
  5. USB Loader should start running now. And there you have it, if you followed this tutorial properly you should see the Playstation 2 ISO's there and just click and launch

Copying backups to your USB Drive

  1. Format your external drive/usb drive to FAT/FAT16/FAT32 format.
  2. In the download pack you downloaded there should be a folder called USBUtil, go inside that and run the EXE.
  3. Go to FILE and click on "OPEN ISO to create game".
  4. Search and click on your PS2 backup, and click CREATE.
  5. The program will now copy the ISO over to your pendrive (it takes some time).


Q: Does this work on my 40gb/80gb PAL/NTSC/JAP System? And will it ever?
A: No. No. No. No. No. No method has been released yet for these systems and unsure when in future.

Q: Does this work on NTSC PS3's?
A: Yes read:

Q: But my PS3 is backwards compatible, why doesn't this work?
A: It does not work with SOFTWARE EMULATION (which is what your PS3 most likely has). If its not a "launch unit" it will NOT WORK RIGHT NOW.

Q: How do I know if my unit is a LAUNCH UNIT?
A: If your PAL then its the 60gb SKU.

Q: Does this work on NTSC PS3's?
A: Yes - launch units only. )

Q: Will it work on a PS3 with no Emotion Engine?
A: No not yet.

Q: Does this boot from PS3 internal HDD?
A: No you need a external.

Q: What version of SWAP MAGIC do I need?
A: 3.6+ or 3.8

Q: Where can I buy Swap Magic?
A: Here and here.

Q: Swap Magic cant see my USB for somereason
A: It is probably not compatible, buy another one.