PS2 Backups running on PAL PS3's! (USBLOADER)
Well as promised ifcaro has released his PAL version of USBLoader (for booting PS2 games). Official release statement and small tutorial below (translated) Newb friendly tutorial linked on the bottom of this post. :

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[Tutorial] Injecting Backups form Pendrive to USBLD [Tutorial]

Well, we started: lol:

The first thing is to have a pendrive in FAT/FAT16/FAT32 formats.

Now we introduce you to the backup program we've made for our game, USBUtil (others but I have not tested the method is the same in theory are all virtually identical)

USBUtil 1.02 English (thanks to ISEKO)

Well once we USBUtil and open the backup USBUtil (thanks to the ISEKO app) and go up to the file menu and click on "Open ISO to create the game" and seek the path where the backup is our selected and in another section select the pendrive (if space is not notified to us) once this is done and choose a name we give to "create" hope to end and you're back in our pendrive no more complication: lol:

[Tutorial] How to load the USBLD_0.2 [Tutorial]

Well the first thing we have is we have created a Virtual Mc PS2 completely free and Swap Magic 3.6 or 3.8. Others are useless.

Well the first thing on our pendrive create a folder called "SWAPMAGIC" (without quotation marks (there's always a question: lol) and get inside the ULE (posted here in forum) and USBLD_0.2 (posted here in forum)

and now we introduce the USBD.irx either Mc virtual adapter Mcs PS2 game or an original (with the Eye Toy Ps2 version 0.17.0) PS: the usbd.irx can also ask for anyone Mp that it has gotten into your Ps3

Once this is done well will be renamed to:


uLE = SMBOOT0.elf
USBLD_0.2 = SMBOOT1.elf
PS: you can move from 0 to 3 are the commands


SMBOOT0 = Arriba + L1
SMBOOT1 = Arriba + L2
SMBOOT2 = Arriba + R1
SMBOOT3 = Arriba + R2
either start the Swap Magic and the loading screen applications for the ULE SMBOOT0 select and create the folder BEDATA-SYSTEM (if a PAL) in our virtual copy Mc usbd.irx to and select it and load the ULE instead of setting usbd.irx in ULE

PS: If you also want to read the external hard drives añadidle the usb_mass.irx

Once done all this we can start the USBLD or make any move by the Mc ULE (remember that usbd.irx must be: )