Dualshock 3 Drivers for Windows + RUMBLE
A Japanese coder has released Windows Drivers for the Dualshock 3 PS3 Controller with RUMBLE support!


The setup is not that complicated, but requires the installation of four drivers.

The download link below contains 4 folders/drivers, below is the explanation of each:
ds3drv_1.02 - Normal Driver
ds3drv_dx_1.02 - DX Driver
SDDriverSetting - Utility to tweak some settings
ForceFeedbackDriver - Rumble Driver, you need to install the first or second driver first before doing this.
Download either the normal or DX driver.
Plug in your DS3 to your PC.
Open device manager and search for the Dualshock 3 (it will be under HID services with the title then open the device manager and search for the dualshock/sixaxis under hid devices, it should be called "USB Human Interface Device").
Select the Normal/DX driver and install .

Rumble Installation:
To install rumble feature, right click on the .INF file and choose INSTALL when launching a game, this should start up a TRAY icon that is used to tweak the RUMBLE settings.

The hardest part of this installation falls here, mainy because the application is written and Japeneese and no translated version is currently avaialble. A rough translation can be found below of the menus:
Window title: Rumble settings
First input box: Gain [input box] times (i.e., a multiplier)
Widget box heading: Rumble start threshold
Remaining input boxes, top-down, left-right:
a. Small motor
b. Large motor (weak) c. Large motor (medium)
d. Large motor (strong)