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Thread: XLU Amateur Tournament Rules and Regulation.

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    Post XLU Amateur Tournament Rules and Regulation.

    Tournament Rules Overview

    This tournament is brought to you on the behalf of XLU.

    Event Dates: January 17-18,2009
    Event Location:Aldex Gaming-cafe , Zakir hossain Road, Lalmatia , Dhaka
    Game Version Played: WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne 1.21/1.22, DotA-Allstars V6.57B(OFFICIAL)
    Time: 10am - 9pm

    Maximum Competitors: Unlimited teams- 5v5

    Tournament Structure
    *The tournament will consist of unlimited players, Amateur players/players will be judged by Shadowplay if the specific player is an amateur or not .
    *The tournament structure will consist of double elimination rounds. If a player loses once, they may still come back to win the tournament by beating the winner of the upper bracket two matches in a row in the championship finals.

    Match Rules

    * A match will be determined by best of 1. Whoever wins 1 game first will continue to proceed to go ahead, loosing team will be sent to the looser bracket and if the team can continue winning will continue further, loosing the second time the team will be eliminated.
    * The following map will be used for all matches as it is official
    * DotA AllStars V6.57B
    * Only registered players will be allowed to participate.
    * Players may utilize a coach during the tournament. For this tournament round coaches are allowed. Once the semi-fianls and finals round has begun, the coach may not communicate in any manner with the players until the games are over.
    * We will be playing -CM (Captain's Mode) for the entire tournament.

    * A team can forfeit the match by all members agreeing and letting the opposing team know by typing "FF or Forfeit".
    * Each team is allowed no more than the following:
    o 2 Necronomicon
    o 1 Refresher Orb
    o 2 Mekansm
    o 2 Arcane ring
    o 2 Eul's Scepter of Divinity OR
    o 2 Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse OR
    o 1 Eul's Scepter of Divinity and 1 Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse
    o No item pooling. Item sharing is allowed, but only for certain items.
    o You are allowed to share the following items:
    + Ring of Regeneration
    + Ring of Health
    + Sobi Mask
    + Void Stone
    + Clarity Potion
    + Flask of Sapphire Water
    + Tango of Essifation
    + Observer Wards
    + Sentry Wards
    + Scroll of Town Portal
    + Gem of Truesight
    + Aegis
    + Cheese
    + Chicken
    + * note a Bottle is not to be shared.

    * Items which are dropped from a kill or chicken may be picked up by any enemy player, and the item is now considered his.
    * You are allowed to share ANY enemy item.
    * It is not allowed to purposefully suicide to drop an item for another player
    * Creep skipping (backdooring) is allowed for the outside 2 towers in each lane. You may not attack any building inside the base (including towers) without creep support. If your creeps die once you are pushing inside the base, you are allowed to still attack the base. Once your creeps have entered the base, you are allowed to attack ANY building inside your opponent's base.

    Replays must be saved and provided to the tournament admin.

    Game Settings

    * The following settings will be used on all tournament servers:

    The Game play setting is set to FAST
    Visibility is set to DEFAULT
    Handicap is set to 100%
    Random Races is set to OFF
    Random Heroes is set to OFF
    Lock Teams is set to ON
    Teams Together is set to ON
    Full Shared Unit Control is set to OFF
    Observers is set to OFF (Unless approved by Game Manager)
    Any player color may be selected

    Match Length: 75mins max (Applies to group stage only)
    *If the time limit is reached, the winner would be decided on the basis of points where a kill = 1 point
    tower = 3 points
    each barracks = 5 points.

    Tournament Procedures

    * Players are required to be punctual for their scheduled matches, and are only allowed a ten-minute grace period before they are forfeited. While tardiness is not tolerated, it is at the Tournament Director's discretion whether or not to extend the grace period in specific instances (depending on the importance of the match) or any other extenuating circumstances.
    * Scheduled match times represent the time of the actual match start, not the time that a competitor must report to the tournament area. Competitors must report to the tournament area at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time. Competitors will be allowed to report to the tournament area and begin client setup as early as conditions allow, up to 30 minutes prior to scheduled match times. Players that show up after the required check-in time will be required to start their match at the scheduled time, regardless if they have had warm-up time or not.
    * Competitors may not leave the tournament area between matches. Players will be allowed 5 minutes before the start of overtime in the tournament area to go over strategy.

    Competitor and Spectator Conduct

    * Competitors will conduct themselves in a reasonable manner, maintaining a friendly and polite demeanor to spectators, competitors, members of the press, tournament officials, and to other participants of the event.
    * Competitors must be available for post-tournament awards ceremonies, photographs, interviews, or other tournament events.
    * Competitors must remain quiet when inside the designated tournament area. Talking is permitted, but must be kept at a reasonable level, and away from other competing competitors. It is strictly forbidden for spectators to communicate with a player while he or she is competing. Spectators are not allowed in the areas that are not allowed to go as directed by the Admins.
    * Spectators or general event participants outside the designated tournament area, such as viewers of the tournament projection screens, are permitted to cheer, but specific clues or hints may not be given to the competitors. It is understood and acceptable that general cheering and levels of excitement from the crowd can help a competitor understand what his opponent is doing
    * Competitors will refrain from the use of vulgar language during the entire competition. Teasing competitors during matches is prohibited. All rules of conduct also apply to chatting through the game console.
    * Competitors are expected to compete in a professional manner. Throwing a match, halting play without cause, or showing a flagrant lack of effort will be construed as a violation of player conduct, and will result in match forfeit and disqualification from the tournament.
    * Spectators are encouraged to remain quiet while at the sidelines of the spectator area, and are mindful of the privilege of viewing tournament matches at such a close proximity.
    * Use of alcohol or illegal drugs is prohibited. Players may not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while competing in a tournament.
    * Smoking is prohibited at all events per the Utah Indoor Clean Air Act. Dedicated outdoor smoking areas will be designated.
    * At the conclusion of your match, you are expected to remain quiet and peaceful, as there may be other matches ongoing at the same time.

    For further Information or Enquiries on rules and regulations.
    contact me: Sn4k3y AKA Faisal
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Contact number: 01911362000 (only calls no SMS)

    If you think I missed something important and should be added you suggestions are welcome but not sure if it will be accepted or not.

    Thanking you all for your co-operation.
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    Default Re: XLU Amateur Tournament Rules and Regulation.

    Those who have any questions or doubts regarding this feel free to ask.

    Just Chill and KiLL!!

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    Default Re: XLU Amateur Tournament Rules and Regulation.

    Nothing to ask.....

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    Default Re: XLU Amateur Tournament Rules and Regulation.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pr!3sT View Post
    Nothing to ask.....
    Then you shouldn't be posting either! This is regraded as spam!

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