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Thread: I need an ISP suggetion

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    Default I need an ISP suggetion

    I usually play League of Legends online. I am a qubee 1mbps user. I used to have around 280-290ms. But now they are way above 350ms. I need to change line I guess. I need a ISP that can give me atleast below 300ms with League of Legends NA server. I am sure there are people from ISPs are here in the forum. So please suggest me an ISP that meets my requirement.

    P.S. I live in East Shewrapara, Mirpur.

    BTCL, Smile, BDCom, ISpro, WiMax all are welcomes as long as latency is low. Fiber optical connection is preferred. Budget is upto 2500 tk/month.

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    I think you should go for Smile.
    you can get stable and low ping connection at any servers in BD.(ISP should be BDIX connected)
    at this moment don't get BTCL.
    Almost every game is hosted by Link 3 connections and btcl people dont find game servers by link3 hosted connections. if they find ping is very high.
    And ISpros is not a gaming ISP at present......

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    Just get smilebd, they have the lowest latency connection in bd at the moment. 60-150ms in Asia, 170-250ms in EU and 230-350ms in NA. Dont get link3, their connection isn't suitable anymore for gaming outside asia, ~300ms at the moment.

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    but east shewraprara te to smile nai.

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