Hello everyone.

I am having some trouble with my galaxy s3.
This week I had found out that you could connect usb flash drive, peripherals etc to the Galaxy S3. (Yes I did not know that before)
You will require an OTG USB cable to achieve this.

Today I have purchased said cable for 400tk from a store in North Tower Uttara.
Now, here's the problem. The phone and cable work fine for my 16gb flash drive, my A4Tech X7 mouse
but I cant seem to get it working for my Xbox 360 controller or my generic A4Tech laptop mouse.

Throughout the week I have seen numerous youtube videos about this.
Its just plug and play. In the videos, the users did not mess around with any setting what so ever, just plug-and-play.
The controller acts like a mouse for the phone. I don't know what I am doing wrong, but for me the X Circle on the controller
flashes once and then disappears.

Can anyone give me suggestions on what to do to troubleshoot this problem? I would be grateful. Thank you.