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Thread: Tera- f2p launch date: Tuesday, 5th of february 2013

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    Smile Tera- f2p launch date: Tuesday, 5th of february 2013


    Today we can announce the official release date for the launch of the Free-to-Play model for TERA. The launch date will be on Tuesday, the 5th of February 2013.
    Free User, Veteran and Club membership

    When TERA goes F2P there will be new and different account types. Players who don’t have the full version (either Standard or Collector’s Edition), will become so called Free Users. This includes players who are currently playing with the unlimited Trial.
    Players with the full version will become Veteran users after we have switched to F2P.
    Both Free Users and Veteran users can also buy the TERA club membership access for a monthly fee of 12,95 Euro, this is the same price as the former subscription. The price can be reduced, if you decide to buy the club membership for a longer time period at once.
    The new club members will find a new hot bar active in the game. Through this hot bar you’ll be able to access your club membership items and your club membership mount.
    We have listed the details about Free Users, Veteran and club membership on aspecial page. Check it out to get more information on the different benefits.
    The Shop
    With the F2P launch you’ll also be able to access the new item shop. To do so you’ll need to activate the menu in-game and click on the new button, which will open the item shop for you.
    You can find our shop preview article on our website with more details.

    TERA: Rising – New content update with F2P launch
    On Tuesday we’ll also have a new content update live on our game servers. This new version is called TERA: Rising and brings you a lot of changes and additions. We would like to especially point out the new 3vs3 arena and a new dungeon. We have more details on both in our patch preview article.
    We’ll release the patch notes along the F2P launch on Tuesday, 5th of February 2013.
    Preview: Alliance System
    2013 will bring a lot of exciting new content to TERA and one of those major updates will be the Alliance System. This system is currently still under development, but it will revolutionize the political system which is currently in TERA. Three alliances will fight for power in the world of Arborea.
    You can also look forward to massive PvP battles and siege weapons. We’ll share more details about those upcoming features in the future, so stay tuned!

    Schedule Info

    In order to prepare all systems for the F2P launch, we’ll have a downtime of all game servers on Monday, 4th of February 2013. We’ll go back live during the launch date of Tuesday, 5th of February 2013. We’ll announce the timeframe later this week, but we wanted to give you a heads-up so you’ll be prepared for the complete downtime next Monday.
    Link: Patch Preview
    Link: Shop Preview
    Link: Comparison Chart (Free User/Veteran/Club)
    Link: F2P FAQ

    [Source: Tera News]
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    i Played TERA
    game play style is different than other RPG game
    u cant just select mob to cast skill in TERA u have to point ur camera/screen to cast skill and if mob moves ur skill will miss that is very annoying for range class
    and specially for caster class
    PvP and PvE server is separate and u can only create 2 character in 1 server

    some melee class is super op so i deleted TERA

    TERA is copy game from AION bcoz some dev's from AION made TERA.

    TERA's grafics is low detail so no problem to play with without grafix lag/spike

    But i like AION its easy, decent, and could create max character in 1 account no limits and easy to do quest.

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