A WoW Player posted it like this

Gw2 > Wow
Gw2 PVE is a pretty amazing compared to other mmo's. The quest you do actually have an effect in the gaming world. All mobs are free for all, which means no matter who hits what mob, partied or not, everyone gets xp and everyone gets loots. No more raging at other players because someone tagged your mob first like in wow.
PVP Gw2 = Wow
Wow's battle grounds are better than Gw2's structured pvp battles do to the fact there are no healers in Gw2 and Gw2 matches are huge zerg fest. But, world pvp goes to Gw2. World vs World matches last for 2 weeks and battles are like scenes from the movie Gladiator. While, wow has no world pvp due to the fact everyone is sitting in the city and over 90% of all zones are dead.
Dungeons Gw2 = Wow
In this category both games have pluses and minuses. In Gw2 there are no healers or tanks, which means, everyone is repsonsible for their own death. If you enjoy tanking or healing, then Gw2 is not for you. Wow of course, has tanks and healers, which is a plus. But, most of wow's dungeons are very boring because of easy they are. I personally do not like the fact that Gw2 removed the Holy Trinity.

Gathering Gw2 > Wow
In Gw2 if there is a mining nod to be mined, then everyone can mine it. There can be several players mining a single nod and everyone gets equal ores. Because of this, farming bots in Gw2 do not have an effect on a players farming. Not like in wow where a lot of the farmers are bots and are stealing farming nods from real players. Also, in Gw2 every player has gathering by default so a crafting profession slot isn't taken.
User Interface Wow > Gw2
Wow's UI is superior not only to Gw2, but all other mmo's as well. Gw2 UI has more of a console than mmo feel to it. I will have to say that Gw2 trading post is superior to wow's auction house. In Gw2 you get your gold instantly when making a sale. Also, Gw2's trading post works across all servers. If you post something for sale it will be available for purchase on any server. Overall though, Gw2 UI is lacking in comparison to wow's UI.

Graphics Gw2 > Wow
I still enjoy wow's cartoony graphics, but Gw2 graphics are up to date with today's high end single player games. Youtube videos do not do Gw2 justice, so please do not use them as examples. Although, wow's graphics are out of date I still enjoy them and I'm very impressed with what Blizzard has been able to do with an out of date game engine. Wow's graphics and performance is nice, but Gw2's is just awesome.


Overall Gw2 is a great game. The only downfall for me is the removal of the Holy Trinity. I know Gw2 was trying to be innovative with their decision to remove it. But, somethings should be left alone and the Holy Trinity was one of them. As I said before, if you enjoy tanking and healing (which I do) than playing wow will still be very appealing. Good thing Gw2 doesn't have a sub fee, so I can play Gw2 and World of Warcraft ;-)

[Collected from: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6551955413]

I want to add 1 more thing which is
Affordablity GW2>WoW
To play Wow
Cata on retail server I have to pay 3,240tk For The Game and 1,150tk Pre Month. Onthe other hand Arena net offers Guildwars 2 and its lifetime lisence only for 4,700tk.