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Thread: Speaker Problem

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    Angry Speaker Problem

    I have some CJC speakers. They haven't been used for a long time but I've had them for a while now. Anyway whenever I plug them in I get a buzzing sound emanating from these speakers. This sound goes away If I unplug the speakers OR turn the volume down to a very low level. Please help me in regards to how I can fix this problem. I had it before with my ipod. In that case I used to turn the connecting cable at an angle and this would make the buzz go away. Any idea how I can fix this? If not, then where I could get it repaired from and what would be the price of getting it repaired?

    My speakers:
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    usually bad contact with the port causes dis prob...
    but in ur case i think its the jack...dhakae jack thik kore kothae sheta to jani na...but porichito electric shop e try korte paro

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