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Thread: Abt console gaming device price.

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    Default Abt console gaming device price.

    Bro my brother wants 2 buy a console device lyk ps3 or xbox 360

    so plz tell me 1-what modl i should chose sony or maicrosoft?

    2.the prize
    4.where i can find them in bd
    5.and also tell me abt ur xperiance(who use this knd of device)...plz bro help

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    1. He want to play legit games or pirated? If he want to play legit games then buy ps3 or xbox whatever he want but my opinion is ps3 are good for hack and slash exclusives and xbox are good for fps games . If he want to play pirated copies then xbox will be better cause xbox are easy to mod and easy to find pirated games and ps3 is also able to run pirated games but only 3.55 custome rom support to be moded unless higher firmworks doesnt support it and 3.55 custome firmworked ps3's are hard to find

    2.last one of my friend went to bosundhora city to investigate xbox 360's price and a shop keeper told him the price is 50k . .i think that shopkeeper wanted to cheat him or pre-moded that xbox360 but price should be 35k to 55k for ps3 and xbox 360 both

    3.i have a very less ideas about this

    4.bosundhora city and rifels squar . At bosundhora city techmology by ehsan is reliable for both

    5.only played assassins creed brotherhood at ps3 and its fun to play and all xbox360 and ps3 exclusives are very good and fun to play and its kind of weird or hard to play fps games in xbox360 and ps3 but its my own opinion

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    Xbox 360's, the white ones, go for about 30K. My friend got an Elite (pre-modded) for 37K a few months ago. And my cousin got a 320GB PS3 Slim for 30K a few months ago. Xboxes are good for playing pirated games which sell for about 200tk. PS3 games, original ones, which you will likely have to play, cost 4000tk. With PS3 online gameplay is free. You can play multiplayer all over the world for free. Xbox Live costs money, like a subscription fee. I gave up on console gaming after 2 360's and one PS3 of mine got ruined. However, I heard the new Xbox models do not get ruined. That is based on luck and how well you use your system. In 2014, when the next gen consoles launch the prices of the 360 and PS3 will decrease significantly. About 20-25K, but I doubt you're willing to wait. Gaming on both systems is great, but without a HDTV, looks like ¤¤¤¤. There are a few exclusives on both systems. The xbox has the Halo, Gears of War series. You can look that up on the internet. But most major games like FIFA, GTA, NBA, Skyrim, etc, they are released on all platforms so no worries there.

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