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Thread: NVIDIA announces quad-core Tegra 4 processor

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    Default NVIDIA announces quad-core Tegra 4 processor

    NVIDIA has announced the next generation of their mobile processor, the NVIDIA Tegra 4. Previously known by it's codename 'Wayne', the Tegra 4 is claimed to be the world's fastest mobile processor.

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    The Tegra 4 uses four ARM Cortex-A15 cores, along with a second generation battery saver core, similar to Tegra 3. The CPU performance is said to be 2.6x that of Tegra 3. It also includes 72 custom GPU cores, which are said to be 6x more powerful than the GPU on Tegra 3. Along with being able to run apps and games faster, this also brings the ability to playback 4K content, a first for a mobile processor.

    NVIDIA showed some of the speed differences of the Tegra 4 next to current devices, as a Tegra 4 device can load in 27 seconds while a Nexus 10 takes 50 seconds to load.

    The Tegra 4 also includes something called the Computational Photography Architecture, which significantly reduces the time for camera related functionalities, such as HDR, which requires taking multiple images in quick succession. Tegra 4 works to reduce the time duration between these shots, resulting in clearer pictures of moving objects.

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    Tegra 4 also adds support for an optional 4G LTE modem in the form of NVIDIA's new Icera i500 chipset.It is said to support up to 1.4 trillion operations per second and is 40% smaller than traditional baseband chips.Unfortunately, this also means that the Tegra 4 does not have an integrated LTE modem and will need to rely on external modems.

    The previous generation Tegra 3 was notorious for its poor battery life.Unlike the 40nm manufacturing process on the Tegra 3, the Tegra 4 will be at 28nm, and support PRISM 2 technology for less power used by the backlight. All of this will allow for 45% better power management and lower heat compared to the Tegra 3 and provides up to 14 hours of HD video playback on phones.

    So far, the only device we know that will be running on Tegra 4 is NVIDIA's newly announced Project SHIELD handheld gaming console. No word on when either of them will hit the market.

    Source- GSM Arena & Phone Arena
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    Even in their own slide, it's just faster than the A6X. The difference needs to be much bigger if they want the performance crown since stuff just run fast on iOS.

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