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    am new comer from overseas, and am trying to play wow in dhaka. either US or EU is ok, but i got some queries need help.
    1. what kind of net i need, i heard about link 3, will this be ok? and how much cost per month?
    2. is it safe to playing in Dhaka, will they ban my account if they check out my IP is not in US or EU countries?
    thanks in advance

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    1. I think 512kbps Link 3 wold be good enough. I heard very few complains about link 3. The cost for the bandwidth would be less than 2,000 taka/month.

    2. Yes its very safe playing MMO in Dhaka and many are playing WoW already. I think you are talking about Retail WoW, in that case US client and US server are recommended for you according to Blizzard Entertainment. Most SEA (South East Asian) player play in oceanic timezone server.
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