Launch Options

-dxlevel: Sets the DirectX level Source runs in.

You may find that setting this value lower to than what your card can actually support yields a performance increase. For example, a DirectX 9 card may run significantly faster in DirectX 8.1. Again, it is best to test various settings to find out what is right for you. Use the following:

-dxlevel 95 for DirectX 9c
-dxlevel 90 for DirectX 9
-dxlevel 81 for DirectX 8.1

-dxlevel 100 for DirectX 10

Here is how it looks like


Copy the codes below and paste them in a file named "autoexec.cfg" in your Counter-strike source\cstrike\cfg Folder.

// Casey's Config v2 (CAL compliant) 
// Updated for new season by CAL|Stone 
// Updated 01/23/07 - Added misc settings section
//_Set Netcode vars_
cl_cmdrate "101"
cl_interp "0.01"
cl_interpolate "1"
cl_lagcomp_errorcheck "0"        // Disables lagcompensation error checking, only needed if you're having any registration/loss/choke problems. 
cl_lagcompensation "1"
cl_smooth "1"
cl_updaterate "101"
rate "25000"
//_Set MP vars_
mp_decals "0"            // How many player sprays will be shown.
//_Set Client vars_
cl_drawmonitors "0"        // Disables the rendering of ingame "monitors" which contain 3d rendered images.
cl_ejectbrass "0"            // Disables brass ejection
cl_forcepreload "1"            // Forces the game to load all texture and model information into memory on map load.
cl_phys_props_enable "1"        // Enables phsyics props.
cl_phys_props_max "50"        // Maximum amount of physics props allowed.
cl_ragdoll_physics_enable "0"    // Disables ragdoll.
cl_restrict_server_commands "0"    // Compatible/needed with serverplugins
cl_show_splashes "0"        // Disables water splashes.
//_Set Render vars_
r_3dsky "0"            // Disables the rendering of 3d sky boxes.
r_decal_cullsize "9999"        // Any decals under this size are not rendered.
r_decals "0"            // Disables decals.
r_drawbatchdecals "1"        // Enables the rendering of decals in batch.
r_drawdetailprops "1"        // Enables the rendering of detail props.
r_drawflecks "0"            // Disables the sparks and dirt from bullet impacts.
r_drawmodeldecals "0"        // Models decals (i.e. blood).
r_eyes "0"            // Disables eyes in models.
r_lod "-1"                // Different level of details on models. -1 = Variable at distance. 0 = None. 1 = Minor. 2 = Less minor.
r_modellodscale "1.0"        // The transitioning power of LOD.
r_occlusion "0"            // Enables the Model Occlusion system.
r_propsmaxdist "100"        // Max distance at which props are rendered.
r_renderoverlayfragment "0"
r_rootlod "2"            // Base lod of the model in the memory.
r_shadowmaxrendered "32"        // Max shadows the game will render.
r_shadowrendertotexture "1"        // Rendered the shadow texture causing it to match the player model.
r_shadows "1"            // Enables shadows (Change be disabled for additional performance.)
r_teeth "0"            // Disables teeth in models.
r_waterdrawreflection "0"        // Disables the rendering of water reflections.
r_waterforceexpensive "0"        // Forces cheap water.
gl_clear "1"
props_break_max_pieces "0"    // Disables prop fragmenting
//_Set Materials vars_
mat_antialias "0"            // Disables the use of multisampling to smooth out edges.
mat_bumpmap "0"            // Disables bump mapping.
mat_clipz "0"            // Disables optimized Z-Buffer rendering.
mat_compressedtextures "1"    // Disables texture compression. Users with low amounts of system memory should turn this on.
mat_disable_bloom "1"        // Disables bloom effects.
mat_hdr_enabled "0"        // Disables HDR.
mat_hdr_level "0"            // Double Disables HDR.
mat_mipmaptextures "1"        // Enables the use of mipmapping to make textures look smooth.
mat_monitorgamma "1.6"        // Lower the number the brighter the screen. Only works in fullscreen.
mat_picmip "2"            // Changes the resolutions of textures when they're loaded into memory. May improve FPS on graphics cards with low memory sizes.
mat_reducefillrate "1"        // Reduces the fillrate when the game is run in DXLevel 8.
mat_specular "0"            // Disables Specularity on objects.
mat_trilinear "0"            // Disables the use of Trilinear mipmapping.
mat_wateroverlaysize "8"        // Sets the resolution of water distortion. Must be multiple of 8.
//_Set Violence vars_
violence_ablood "1"
violence_agibs "1"
violence_hblood "1"
violence_hgibs "1"
//_Set HUD vars_
hud_centerid "1"            // Centers player IDs
net_graph "3"            // Enables net_graph (Required in SS round) 
net_graphpos "2"            // Adjusts netgraph position-set between 1 and 3. 
//_Set Misc settings_
cl_downloadfilter "nosounds"        // Disables annoying pub sound downloads
fps_max "101"             // Caps framerate. Set to max monitor refresh rate + 1.
jpeg_quality "100"            // High quality screenshots
echo _Caseys Config v2 (CAL compliant) loaded_  

Please reply if you need help. If you destroyed your PC by doing anything in the process, blame yourself or your neighbor.

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