If you look at some of the biggest jumps in technology over the last few decades, it's possible to argue the pornography industry played a larger role in shaping our world than most people would feel comfortable acknowledging. Porn embraced the VHS videotape format, and so Sony's betamax went the way of the dodo. When the internet was new, porn was the first industry to provide safe credit card transactions over the web. The virtual reality headset Oculus Rift made quite an impression with its Kickstarter campaign this year, but a small startup called Sinful Robot recently formed to create "highly-immersive, adult virtual reality experiences" might be what pushes virtual reality onto the masses.
Sinful Robot aims to fill the niche no one knew existed. "We [will] develop virtual reality adult encounters for the Oculus Rift VR headset and other similar technologies," states the company's website, adorned by the saucy logo and a busty spokesmodel.
To accomplish its goals, Sinful Robot will need help. Perhaps that's where you come in, if you have any 3d artistic chops. Sinful Robot is looking for character artists, animators and programmers to join the cofounders Jeroen Van den Bosch and Kiran Sidhu. Van den Bosch has some experience building applications for websites like PokerStars, and Sidhu is the businessman.
They could certainly use help punching up their copy. " we locate you in the center of the action, the ecstatic epicenter of play," the website reads. Hmm, not really selling me.