i live in dhaka cantt. use smilebd via m.s tech. for the last 4-5 days my browsing speed is very low. also i get very low download speed (12KB max, it's 4KB as this is being posted) when downloading from foreign torrent sites like isohunt/kat.ph. but enjoy over 450KB when downloading from tbd. i called them but they tell me everything is alright but they will still look into the matter.

i heard smilebd was doubling their bandwidth for every package. so they were working on it last month for 12-15 days when i had pretty low download speed in torrents (60KB max) which was always 160KB+ (from foreign torrents) before their "work".

can anyone tell me if they are facing this problem? and whether there is a solution.

also i never have internet when there is no electricity and could never have my speed checked in speedtest.net.

please help.