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Thread: any good mmo suggestions?

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    Default any good mmo suggestions?

    guys, are there any new mmos that is good or worth a try out?

    this january is gonna be busy bcz blade n soul,arche blade,coreblaze and some other mmos r gonna come out. needless to say, alot of hack n slash console games are coming as well and i just cant remember all the ones that re announced.

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    age of wushu is in beta now i think. ohh ar planetside 2 is out. that is a AAA free to play mmo. i really wana play that if possible.but download e korte partesi na.7 gb client. planetside 2 sony online er fps mmo. whole world presetent with tons of player. hugee world , onek type er vehicles , small plane, tank thike suru kore , huge transport drop ship .full scale war , purai matha nosto. jodio mone hoy na khelte parbo.huge ping thakbe maybe. T_T ..

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    i can download planetside 2. im gonna check out the video of it and see if it's fun in combat ..


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