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Thread: lot of problems...suddenly

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    Default lot of problems...suddenly

    last thursday i was playing season games. but whatever the results were they were not counted. so i didn't play until friday. what happened on that day is in my origin library fifa 13 doesn't show its cover pic, instead a cover pic of origin with black background appears. this cover pic issue is when i'm online in origin but when origin is offline the normal cover pic reappears.

    anyhow i tried playing season games today. 4 times i got disconnected at the brink of kick-off. also i tried downloading the FUT latest squad update but after waiting for some 6-7 mins no download started (as in no % sign even showed up). so i decided to uninstall the game only to realize that i have to download the game again (that's pathetic, the downloaded game should remain stored in hard drive). as the download was going on i kept getting this error 7049:500 at 10-12 mins interval with my download stopping. i can resume again but the problems persists.

    as with the download, it doesn't start normally after waiting for some time. i googled & found a solution where it says i need to have hotspot shield proxy software connected to have the download running. it worked. but at times my network notification shows that "yellow" warning sign & that's when origin goes offline & my dl pauses. i need to disconnect the proxy or wait for some time for things to return to normal.

    my ISP is Smilebd & while all these are happening i can do all the other stuffs normally.


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    Default Online download of FIFA 13 (PC) original

    Dear Bro,
    I am planning to purchase FIFA 13(PC) original DOWNLOADABLE version. But oi download ki bar bar korte hobe jotobar ami FIFA uninstall korbo?!!! I was thinking je amake hoito installer pack ta download korte hobe jeta ekbar korlei time theke amar PC thekei setup dite parbo!! Please ektu taratari janan bro!! Thanks.

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