i want to sell my (never used) msi 570 gfx card..few days after i bought this card i got offer to go abroad..i never even put it into vga slot..however long story short...i'll be leaving on 14th nov...if nobody takes it by then it will not be sold and i'll take it with me...Buying price: 32500 tkSelling price : 25000 tkReason for selling : dont play games anymore (yes guyz a day such as this will come in your life also)Remaining warranty : 1 yr and 8 monthsI am quite sure that i am asking a high price for it..but also i am not willing to loose a lot of money without using it..this card will be ideal for those people who owns the same model and want to sli..but cannot find the same card...or cannot be sure about the cards condition (afterall everybody will assume that whoever buys card like this oughtta be a hardcore gamer). Plz dont bergain here or advice me about pricing...if u r willing to take it post here or pm me...p.s... buyer have to come to my house at mohammadpur to collect the card..unfortunately i dont have any psu to run this thing now..so it cannot be tested..but i'll give 24 hours warranty if bought before 12th nov..i have the box n accesorries and the memo..it was bought from onix at idb.