Map Warcraft Soccer 7.44c [V mod] by Dafling and Vladimir3388


This is a tactical soccer map for Warcraft 3. Similar to real life, the game lets you pass, shoot, jump and even dribble.
Each player controls a peasant or a peon, all with the same set of abilities. This means the game is less "RPG-ish" and more "fixed", like normal Warcraft 3 games (ladder).

This game features an excellently modeled ball with realistic physics. It can fly at different heights, as well as bounce off different barriers (posts, crossbars).

- Four main abilities: Pass (Z), Shoot (X), Long Pass (C), Jump (V)
- Hotkey combinations (mainly for shooting): V+X, V+Z, X+V, etc.
- Tactically diverse gameplay
- AI keepers & AI bots (though not that good yet)

Gameplay Tips:
- Passing is essential. Use C for long passes (due to high range), Z for short.
- For shots, use V+X, and V+Z. It may be hard at first, but once you get familiar with thesecombinations, they are easy to use.
- When you shoot, always aim at an exposed part of goal, then the enemy keeper won't be able to block the shot.

Link download: Warcraft Soccer 7.44c [V mod].w3x