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Thread: ISP suggestion for playing dota2

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    Default ISP suggestion for playing dota2

    Hello everyone, i am facing a big problem......currently i use link 3 and i could play dota 2 fine for the last 5 months but suddenly they have changed my routing to BTCl......they are saying that this happens automatically and that they are not responsible...........i cannot play dota 2 anymore and even after calling and mailing them several times they are not helping.....i am thinking about changing my ISP....can anyone plz tell me a good ISP in moghbazar that has mango routing and also charges a decent price.....thanx in advance.

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    Default Qubee for dota 2

    Hello everyone, can u guys plz tell me if qubee is a good choice for playing dota 2.....and also if qubee supports mango routing?? thanx in advance

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