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Thread: Need solves for a lot of problems has started recently

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      • 600W
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      • Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit
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      • Windows 7 score are average of 7.6? :S
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      • M lovin it !! =D
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    Default Need solves for a lot of problems has started recently

    OK First things first, here is my PC config

    Processor : core i5 2400
    RAM : 6GB DDR3
    GPU : Nvidia gtx 560
    PSU : 600W
    HDD : 1TB 7200rpm
    OS : Windows 7 ultimate SP1 Build 7600 32bit

    Problems : [ all of this problems still exists after re installing the OS]

    1) [SOLVED]

    2) Windows startup is taking way too long , this black screen occurs after it boots to the desktop. (tried installing the latest windows loader)

    3) [SOLVED]

    4) Am i supposed to get 5MB/s data transfer speed to USB devices such as pendrives or portable HDD? tried a lot of them but still the same low speed.

    and dont know about this but a friend of mine said this isnt normal having no l3 cache memory

    So any fix/solve will very much be appreciable!

    thanks in advance!
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      • Filco Majestouch 2 TKL Ninja Reds
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      • Corsair HX650 v2
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      • Windows 8.1 Pro x64
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    Hi SlotR.

    What's the name of this so called "600w" you have? It's usually the motherboard when you have so many problems at once, chances are that it's failing or since CSS/DotA2 arefairly CPU intensive games, your processor is throttling maybe due to temps? When you reinstalled your processor, did you change the TIM(thermal paste)?

    Download "Prime95" for checking CPU temps, use it to find its max temperature under full load, and then download "Memtest" and test the memory sticks(RAMs) individually. Last but not least you can try a CMOS clear and install Win7 and carefully diagnost each component without adding variables such as softwares/virus affecting the results.
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    virus nd ram er prob er jonno memory dump hoi. Amaro hoito nd somedays later the ram died. Nd i got trans. one.

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