Map Oasis and Desert 2 v1.0.1 - The Sacred Temple Created by [TGM] Team

[TGM] Team presents...
New versions are coming too.
It was in the deep past. The Universe had no fantasy worlds - only the Great Desert and the Great Oasis existed. The Great Desert was the homeland of cruelity and evil forces. The Great Oasis is a place where were many good and justiceful forces. That sides were in the unstoppable war.
One day the creature came there. It called himself the Balance Dominator. It was very powerful. And to stop the bloody war between Desert and Oasis Gods it locked them into two spheres. It told that after the Three Worlds will be formed, a man will come in that place and will continue the Epic War.
The Dominator is in the Arcane World now, as some of the wise men thought. No one saw it. No one heard it.
Later, one person called Dargorak found these two spheres and freed two ancient forces. It was his biggest mistake. And so the battle starts...

Link download: Oasis and Desert 2 v1.0.1 - OaD2v101.w3x