Those poor plants. Rarely watered. Poorly fed. Until they eventually die in a pot full of soil.

Well, they can breathe easy with the Click & Grow Smartpots.

The Smartpots is a starter kit for plant growers who have never grown a plant before. The starter kit (yes, that’s really what they are calling it) is packed with a plant cartridge with seeds, nutrients and software. All you need to do is place the pot in direct sunlight and fill the automatic water reservoir occasionally. Leave the rest up to the Smartpot, and the plant will be ready for admiration automatically. The pot runs on 4x AA batteries that last four months and has an indicator light that alerts you to lower battery and water level.

The Smartpots starter kits are available for $59.99 with additional cartridges for $19.99 with immediate shipping. A typical Smartpot will take 10 days to sprout, grows to full size in 3-4 months and lives for 8-12 months.

Say no more to killing these innocent plants, and yes to turning them into robots.

VIEW: Smartpot in photos.

WATCH: Smartpot in video.