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Thread: Need Banglalion AWB indoor wimax modem admin password

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    Question Need Banglalion AWB indoor wimax modem admin password

    Hello to all,

    Recently Banglalion block all the advance feature in there new AWB RG300 Wimax modem. Does anyone know what is the admin password to get to all advance features. The reason I need this: recently I got real IP from BanglaLion and I want use it for web server and some other stuff. But I can assure that I will not going to use it for VOIP and other illegal stuff.

    If anyone know please let me know. Thanks in Advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Syeef View Post
    Try this:

    username: superuser
    password: [email protected]
    Thanks a lot. I will try this and let you know..

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thanks.. it's working. you save my lots of time and Bangallion service pain. I did ask them but they act like "I'm asking for their company ownership" he he he...

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