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  • Digital Game Zone, 14th Floor, BNS Center, Sector 7, Uttara
  • After a successful one year in organizing Counter Strike Source Events, _xKGaming_ Cyber Events Management is proud to present its first venture into Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. As you all know we will be maintaining Official Call of Duty 4 Bangladesh Rankings just as we maintain for CSS and this tournament will be the official rankings opener. All the participating teams will be entered into the rankings from this tournament and we will be keeping the ranking updated hereon after.

    So, Gear Up and Get Ready! See You All On The Battleground! Frag On!

    Date: 27 September, 2012
    Venue: Digital Soft & Game Zone, 14th Floor, BNS Center, Sector 7, Uttara.
    Time: 9 am SHARP!

    Registration fee is BDT 1500/= per team. BDT 100/= additional for each substitute.

    Registration Opens from 14th September 2012 and ends on 25th September. NO ON SPOT REGISTRATION WILL BE ALLOWED. The random seeding will be done infront of present team representatives on 26th September at 5 pm at Club3 Gaming Zone.

    Registration Booths:

    Club3 Gaming Zone
    Opposite Japan Bangladesh Hospital, Road No 3/a, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka.

    Digital Soft & Game Zone:
    14th Floor, BNS Center, Sector 7, Uttara.

    Champions: BDT 5000/=
    RunnerUps: BDT 2000/=
    The above qouted prizemoney is dependant on number of teams attending the tournament and the cafe costs.

    Tournament Format:
    5v5 (2 Subs Max) Search and Destroy, MR12, Promodlive211
    Double Elimination, Open Random Seed through "Tio Tournament Organizer"

    1. mp_backlot
    2. mp_crash
    3. mp_crossfire
    4. mp_strike
    5. mp_citystreets

    * Maps will be decided by the teams by VETO format. Knife round losing team will VETO the first map, while the other vetoing the next. This will continue till only one map is left. So the format is : VETO, VETO, VETO,VETO, MAPPICKED.

    Tournament Rules & Regulations:

    1. The tournament will be played on promodlive211, all default rules apply.

    2. Round Time : 1:45 Min, Bomb Timer : 45 Secs, Plant time : 5 sec, Defuse time : 7 sec, Class Limit : Promod Default.

    3. Double Elimination format, a team which loses two matches is knocked out. So, for the final, if the team from the winner bracket wins the first map, that team are champions. But if the loser's bracket team win, then a second match will be played. VETO rules sans the already played map applies in this case for map choosing.

    4. 5v5 knife rounds will be played for side choosing.

    5. MR3 overtime rules apply in case of a draw. The team will retain the sides they were in at the end of regulation time. If a second regulation time is required, team will also hold sides they were in after the first complete overtime.

    6.Any kind of script, macros, Scroll firing and triple fire buttons are not allowed.

    7.Following commands and binds are not allowed in any players cfg :
    a.Reload Interrupts (+weapnext;wait;wait;-weapnext)
    b.Slow Peek (+moveleft;wait 2;-moveleft)
    c.Fire Mode Switch (Full Auto / 3-Round Burst Fire for G3 etc.)

    8. Players are allowed to load their own config files (.cfg). Cfgs are to sent to [email protected] before 11:59 pm, 25th September. NO PENDRIVES ARE ALLOWED IN THE VENUE!

    9. In case of single player disconnection, the round has to be played out. The match will be timed out till he rejoins.

    10. In case of whole team disconnection, the match scores will be saved and the match restarted.

    1. Teams have to register by 25th September, no on spot registration.
    2. Fixtures will be published on this page beforehand.
    3. Teams have to present on the venue 15 minutes before their scheduled time.
    4. 10 minutes worth of prep and warm-up time will be given.
    5. In any dispute, xKGaming reserves the right to take any decision deemed necessary. Our call will be final and there will be no discussion on it once a decision has been taken.