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Recent revelations show that LinkedIn is extremely effective for getting customers via online networking compared to Facebook and Twitter. Sadly, many people underutilize LinkedIn for their business connections. This is probably due to a widespread ignorance of many of these tools, their use and the proper way to use them. Very few people access and use LinkedIn tools regularly. In fact, most people are ignorant of the capacity of LinkedIn to help them generate more and better leads.

Even though LinkedIn appears to have fewer apps or tools, most of their tools are highly useful and very effective. LinkedIn has proved extremely useful for freelancers, small business owners and big organizations in finding customers and converting them to buyers.

Here, we shall quickly run through some of the tools available to help you become a LinkedIn power user.

Awesome LinkedIn Tools

Many of these tools have been on LinkedIn for quite a while, but very few people actually understand their power and use them in their professional networking activities.

1. Cardmunch

CardMunch is an iPhone app that helps you synchronize information on the complimentary cards you collect with your LinkedIn contacts.

You simply have to take a photo of the card and then allow the app to transcribe and store the information on the card as well as show the profile information and connections you have in common with the owner of the card.

2. My Travel (by Triplt)

My Travel helps you manage information about your flight, hotel and other travel-related activities. It thus allows you to plan your travel and also share with friends.

You can also use My Travel to discover the LinkedIn contacts you can meet at your travel destination

3. Reading List by Amazon

This tool is very useful for people in the same industry. It lets friends or group members to keep track of the books they have read or are currently reading on Amazon.

You can start using Reading List by Amazon right away by adding the books you currently plan to read, the ones you have read as well as the books you are reading at right now.

4. Creative Portfolio Display

This app is extremely useful for creative professionals. It lets you display your visual work on your LinkedIn profile in order to showcase them to contacts, recruiters and others.

It supports almost all kinds of media contents, and you can create an unlimited number of multimedia projects that can be displayed on your LinkedIn profile.

5. LinkedIn Email Signature

Create customized email signature from your LinkedIn profile using this tool. The app provides lots of templates to choose from. Whether you are an executive in a large organization, a small business owner or a freelancer, you will find a template that suits your business need.

You simply have to select a layout and template and then fill the required fields to get a beautiful LinkedIn-made email signature.

6. ChromeIn

ChromeIn lets you keep in touch with your LinkedIn account without necessarily having to launch the web site. It integrates LinkedIn directly into your Google Chrome browser by adding a LinkedIn tool to your bookmark menu. From there, you will get notifications of updates, view status updates and also make contributions to LinkedIn.

In short, Chromeln brings very easy access to your LinkedIn updates without leaving the web page you visited.

7. LinkedIn Sharing Bookmarklet

LinkedIn Sharing Bookmarklet makes sharing status updates super easy. Install the bookmarklet to share web pages with your LinkedIn contacts directly from your browser even if you are not on LinkedIn. It lets you share, add a comment and also choose who you want to share with.

You simply have to click and drag the icon to the toolbar of your browser to install this application.

8. LinkedIn Signal

Signal lets you filter the status updates you get on LinkedIn. You can specifically target updates based on criteria like network, industry, company, location, school etc.

You can also search for specific keywords, topics or people.

9. Resume Builder

This is an impressive tool that lets you turn your LinkedIn profile to a resume in no time. You simply have to select a resume template, customize the content and print out your complete resume.

10. Projects and Teamspaces (from Manymoon)

Use this app to assign tasks to your team members and also get feedback on LinkedIn. The apps helps manage project and team spaces more efficiently and effectively with your professional networks or colleagues on LinkedIn.

Still Looking for More? Here Are LinkedIn Tools


Whether you want to collaborate with colleagues or partners, generate business leads or simply create a professional resume, LinkedIn is an awesome tool. It’s about time you spruce up your LinkedIn profile and leverage it for greater productivity.

Did we miss any awesome tool that you use with LinkedIn? Share with us in the comments section.