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Thread: Where Can I Repair PS3 in Bangladesh??

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    Default Where Can I Repair PS3 in Bangladesh??

    Guys my fat 80 gb ps3 is auto shutting down while playing games. i know this is symptom of yellow light. i want to fix this.Many of u will suggest to buy a slim ps3(which i already have)This one has a sentimental value to me since i am using it from 2008. Please any one can suggest me a place where they can fix it? Any information will be a lot of help.

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    tht depends on whr u stay. gamers paradise is a good place if u're near to tht shop. bashundhara city shop's r good choice if u're near tht.

    it depends whr u live

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    I Have Also Lost My 40GB Satin Silver PS3 Last Year. I Repaired My PS3 2-3 Times but i Didn't Work, as a Result My PS3 is now Dead and Sleeping so i Buy a New 320 GB PS3. I Think Repairing a Fat PS3 Will not bring a Good Result, so my suggest is don't waste money for Repairing it. Try to Buy a New Slim One.
    This is Will be a Good Choice.

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