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Thread: Banglalion WiFi Router - Anyone wants to Sell?

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    Default Banglalion WiFi Router - Anyone wants to Sell?

    Hello Friends

    Anyone wants to sell his Banglalion WiFi Router in Good condition?

    Please reply.


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    But Clickbd syndication members want 7000 tk for a 4000 tk WiFi Router. Thats a Ripper ! This is so unfair.

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    They are not hard to find, they are easily gettable from the Black market, guess who are those blackers? The blion officials.
    The selling price of Indoor modem with built-in Wi-Fi router is
    BDT 4,999 for postpaid connections.
    So they didnt take more from you. they're gonna bring very small wiFi Router this time and the arrival date of those router is unknown to the Blion officials.
    Blion is playing syndication game with these WiFi Routers like the Rice and Soyabean oil hoarders,
    shame on these people.

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