i can remember playing a demo version of that game which is mission was to guard a site on other planet ...controller ,me was sitting on a ship ...so unlike starcraft i have to go to every corner of that site with my ship to place missile turret ,,i also have to move to the recyclers to give them order ...i was fun as it show real 3d environment unlike starcraft where you control all from top view even when you change view to paralleled still that game which i played show much bigger size almost like playing being in the game (like Battle field)...so if you guys know that game (it was given as demo maybe with a BD pc magazine i think around 1998-2000) so help me pls ...its making me crazy that i have to go for tiny dwarf starcraft when i can really feel riding space ship ..see missile turret in action from the real ground.....(when i mean 3d i mean like- battle field --call of duty type.. where you actually be a character into the game)