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Thread: Does smile provide Fiber connection in Mirpur-1?

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    Default Does smile provide Fiber connection in Mirpur-1?

    I had a smile connection before, but stopped it due to bad speed and current problem. Now I hear they have increased speed. I have some questions, specifically to people who have smile around Mirpur-1 and who are knowledgeable about their packages.

    • Does smile provide Fiber connection in Mirpur-1? I have seen a lot of mentioning of smile giving fiber connection. Can someone give me absolute answer to whether smile gives fiber line in Mirpur-1?
    • In my apartment, smile is the only broadband provider, but they have not made a system for non-stop connectivity even when the current is gone. I have seen routers in the ground floor of my apartment through which they provide connection. Can I make them to give internet even when the current is gone? How can it be possible?

    I hope that someone gives me clear answers to these questions. Thanks in advance.

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    Sure they do, as long as you're willing to bear the cabling costs. One meter of fiber costs BDT 18~, multiply that with however meters you're from their office. Then add 4k for a pair of media converters. Expect 6-10k in spendings, basically.

    For #2, you won't have internet when the power is out. If you want that, you'll have to provide ups/generator backup for the media converter yourself.

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