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Thread: anyone know a stores which have old games?

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    Default anyone know a stores which have old games?

    anyone has the first installment of "baldurs gate" and its expansion "tales of the sowrd coast"?

    i recently started playing old rpg games.

    i had both baldurs gate and baldurs gate 2 cds.but one of the disks of baldurs gate got corrupted.

    i tried to download it but in rapidshare my premiam account got hacked...and in torrent it has only 1 seeder so 4 gb will take forever.

    i know its a rare game but if anyone has it plz let me know.

    or anyone know any stores which hav old games other than pro2 from IDB?
    i'm gone ......

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    Default Re: anyone know a stores which have old games?

    So sad.........
    U should go to eastern plaza Plug n play.
    U can find this game(If lucky).
    No Need To FEAR,
    The[email protected] Is Here.
    -[IB] [email protected]_SentenCE™\
    Sami\[email protected]__!\

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