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    Presenting DCF (Dota cyber fest) Of bangladesh, Hopefully supposed to be the biggest dota tournament in all of bangladesh with both brackets of amateurs and professionals if u guys co operate.
    This tournament is being hosted by me, Hunt and YWSS(Youth wave students society of bangladesh), Sponsored by Airtel. More sponsors are being contacted at the moment, and very soon we will receive enough sponsors to make this the biggest dota tourney ever to be hosted in bangladesh.

    Venue : Digital gaming zone, sector-7, Uttara, Dhaka.
    Prize money.
    *For amateur bracket- *1st prize-8000 tk, *2nd prize- 5000tk
    *For pro bracket - *1st prize - 10000 tk, *2nd prize- 7000tk

    *each player receives a t-shirt,will be provided with food, ID card and a Certificate.

    ....................................................+........................... ...........................
    We will provide security, food, anything to make this the best tourney ever to be played,
    And for visitors probably a space is being made for watching the games in a projector. Anyone is allowed to come visit our tournament. Our banners and page will be made very soon so stay tuned.

    *Registration fee: 1500 (6 man squad, no need to pay for playing hours)
    *Registration last date: 20th september
    *Date of Tournament- within the last week of September, ( I will give the updates as soon as possible)

    For registration and for more details Contact : 01938498951(Shihab, A.K.A hunt)
    and in case of emergency, contact : 01935446445(Me, A.K.A Craxonum)

    EVERY PLAYER OF THE DOTA COMMUNITY OF BANGLADESH IS INVITED.So please, don't hesitate to join in this great festival, sign up and Enjoy a great event with us together.
    Regards, Craxonum.

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    Good luck for your Tourney.

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