Do you need to build functional and organized web polls for free? MicroPoll will help you create, publish and monitor your website polls. It lets you customize your Web Poll Form to a large extent. You can change font sizes, background colors, poll borders and so on. You can select from three types of question formats – Single Choice, Multiple Choice and Drop Down Menu. You can even edit the width of your web poll to fit your site specification.

So, MicroPoll lets you create website polls that match the appearance of your website perfectly and also serve your needs excellently well. Another advantage of using MicroPoll is that, the process of creating an account and setting up a web poll is quite easy and fast.

Getting Started with MicroPoll

If you have been using the simple web poll creation tools provided by web hosts, you probably have been exploring very little of what is yet possible. Secondly, you would have been missing a lot more information that are pertinent to you.

Let’s quickly run though the basic steps you need to create web polls, publish them and monitor results using Micropoll.

1. Create a MicroPoll Account

First, go to MicroPoll website. Click on “Sign Up” at the top right hand side of the homepage. This will open up MicroPoll Registration Form.

On the MicroPoll Registration Form that opens up, enter your details as required and click the orange button labeled Get Started at the bottom of the form.

The following page takes you directly to the page where you will see a list of web polls. When you create new web polls, they will appear here, under the tab My MicroPolls.

2. Create Your First Web Poll

Here’s what you will see on My MicroPolls Tab Page:

Click on Create New MicroPoll at the top right hand side of the page. Creating a poll is easy. All you have to do is enter your question, and then enter your options (answers) in the next column.

Then click on Create New Poll. Immediately, the newly created poll will appear among the list of polls.

To edit and properly customize your web poll, click on your newly created poll in that list. You will taken to an editing page with more options.

3. Customizing Your Web Poll

There are a number of customization options offered by MicroPoll. You can select and deselect the option for posting comments to Facebook. Also, aside the fact that you can always edit your questions and answers, you can also edit the format of your question and change the theme of the web poll.

There are 3 available formats for questions: Single Choice (which is the default format), Multiple Choice (check boxes), and Drop Down Menu.

Multiple Choice format lets users select more than one answer.

Whereas, Drop Down Menu will let your users select their answers from a drop down list.

You can also change the theme of the web poll to blue, red, cream, grey etc.

Impressively, most of MicroPoll themes come out very beautiful.

Also, you can change the width of your theme to accommodate longer questions or fit your website requirement.

There are a lot more customization options using Edit Micropoll on the left hand side of this page.

4. Publishing your New Web Poll

Publishing your new web poll is easy. There are two options at the top of your poll Settings Page. You can embed the HTML code or copy the poll link.

Get the link or code and paste on your website, and that’s all.

5. Monitoring Your Web Poll

MicroPoll provides two means of monitoring your web polls. You can check your poll results and also see your results based on the location of users all on one page.

As you can see at the bottom of Votes by Location, you can even embed your results on your website if that’s what you want.


If you haven’t been using polls on your website, you probably have been ignorant of this awesome tool. Now, you can discover the kind of information your audience want to see on your site or discover business trends that have not been very glaring by asking relevant questions and monitoring your results with MicroPoll.